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"Empowering Innovation, Enriching Lives. Together, we harness the power of technology to shape a brighter future for all."
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Kimbowa Geofrey
Hostziza Tech Solutions
about us

how we started

Hostziza Tech Solutions was founded in August 2021 by two visionary entrepreneurs, Nkurunziza Emmanuel and Kimbowa Geofrey.

United by a common enthusiasm for technology and a firm conviction in Africa’s potential, they set out on a mission to create a firm that could spearhead technological innovation throughout the continent.

As an organization, we take satisfaction in our assembly of committed experts, each contributing diverse skills to our endeavors. Our skilled developers, designers, marketers, and support personnel collaborate harmoniously to provide integrated solutions that efficiently fulfill the requirements of our clients.


our focus

We give you peace of mind.

At the heart of our company’s philosophy lies an unwavering commitment to affordability. In an industry marred by exploitative billing practices and hidden fees, we have pioneered a revolution. From inception, we have prioritized transparency in our pricing structures. Our commitment to this ethos means our clients will never encounter surprise renewal price hikes or undisclosed fees, ensuring absolute clarity and trust in every transaction with us.



At Hostziza Tech Solutions, our mission is to transform the narrative of Africa by leveraging the power of technology.



At Hostziza Tech Solutions , our vision is to be the catalyst for technological transformation in Africa.

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While affordability remains a core tenet of our identity, we aspire to set ourselves apart in multiple dimensions. Our commitment extends to offering one of the most user-friendly web hosting experiences. This encompasses intuitive control panels, one-click installers, and a seamlessly integrated control panel within our client area. Users can effortlessly manage their hosting accounts without leaving our platform. Additionally, our dedicated technical team operates 24/7, providing assistance for any challenges users may face in managing their websites. Our pledge is to maintain a hands-on and supportive relationship with our valued customers.

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