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Darryl Baum: Meet Mike Tyson’s Bodyguard Who Shot 50 Cent

Darryl Baum, famously known as “Hommo,” was more than just a bodyguard to Mike Tyson. His name gained notoriety in the hip-hop community and beyond due to his involvement in the shooting of rapper 50 Cent in 2000. But who was Darryl Baum really? This blog post explores the complex life of Baum, his deep ties with Tyson, and the infamous incident with 50 Cent. We’ll unravel the layers of his background, criminal activities, and the impact he had on those around him, offering a comprehensive look into his life and legacy.

Darryl Baum’s Profile Summary

Darryl Baum’s Profile Summary

To understand the man behind the headlines, let’s start with a quick profile summary:

Full NameDarryl Baum
BirthdateJanuary 19, 1965
Death DateJune 10, 2000
Place of BirthBrooklyn, New York, USA
Place of DeathBrooklyn, New York, USA
SiblingsTyrone T’Rock Baum, Zakia Baum
ProfessionBodyguard, Criminal
Notable EventsBodyguard to Mike Tyson, Shooter of 50 Cent

Darryl Baum’s life was marked by both his proximity to fame and his entanglement in criminal activities. Born and raised in Brooklyn, he grew up in an environment that would shape his future in significant ways. His close relationship with Mike Tyson began in their childhood, evolving into a professional role as Tyson’s bodyguard. However, Baum’s life took a notorious turn when he became the gunman in the shooting of 50 Cent, an event that left a lasting impact on the music industry and beyond.

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