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Welcome to our guide on how to cancel an order on Takealot! In this blog post, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about cancelling an order on Takealot, one of South Africa’s leading online retailers. Whether you’ve had a change of heart or encountered an issue with your order, understanding the cancellation process can help you navigate it smoothly.

Importance of Understanding Takealot’s Cancellation Process

Cancelling an order on Takealot is a straightforward process, but it’s essential to familiarize yourself with their cancellation policy to ensure a seamless experience. By understanding their policy, you’ll know when and how to cancel an order without any hassle.

Overview of Takealot as an Online Retailer

Takealot offers a vast selection of products ranging from electronics and appliances to fashion and beauty items. As a trusted online retailer, Takealot prioritizes customer satisfaction, and their cancellation policy reflects this commitment.

Understanding Takealot’s Order Cancellation Policy

Takealot has a clear and transparent cancellation policy in place to provide flexibility and convenience to its customers. Let’s delve deeper into the key aspects of Takealot’s cancellation policy:

Explanation of Takealot’s Cancellation Policy

Takealot allows customers to cancel their orders as long as they have not yet been dispatched from their warehouse or fulfilled by a third-party seller on the marketplace platform. This means that if your order is still in the processing stage, you can typically cancel it without any issues.

Eligibility Criteria for Cancelling Orders

To determine if your order is eligible for cancellation, you should consider the following factors:

  • Orders Yet to Be Dispatched: If your order hasn’t been shipped yet, you can usually cancel it online through your Takealot account.
  • Orders Fulfilled by Third-party Sellers: If your order is fulfilled by a third-party seller on Takealot’s marketplace platform, the cancellation process may vary. It’s essential to check the specific cancellation policy of the seller in such cases.

How to Determine if an Order is Eligible for Cancellation

Checking the eligibility of your order for cancellation is a simple process. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Log into Your Takealot Account: Visit the Takealot website and log in to your account using your credentials.
  2. Access Your Orders Page: Navigate to the “My Orders” section, where you’ll find a list of all your recent purchases.
  3. Identify the Option to “Cancel Order”: Look for the specific order that you wish to cancel. If the option to “Cancel Order” is still available, it means that your purchase hasn’t been shipped yet and can be easily cancelled.

By following these steps, you can quickly determine if your order is eligible for cancellation on Takealot.

Stay tuned as we continue to explore the cancellation process on Takealot and provide step-by-step instructions on how to cancel an order through their website or by contacting customer support directly.

How to Cancel an Order on Takealot

Canceling an order on Takealot is a straightforward process that can be done through the website. Whether you’ve had a change of heart or encountered an issue with your order, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the cancellation process:

Step 1: Visit the Takealot Website

Open your preferred web browser and navigate to www.takealot.com.

Step 2: Log in to Your Account

Click on the “Sign In” button located at the top right corner of the homepage. Enter your email address and password associated with your Takealot account, then click “Sign In.”

Step 3: Access Your Orders Page

Once logged in, hover over or click on “My Account,” located at the top right corner of any page. From the dropdown menu, select “Orders & Cancellations.” This will take you directly to Your Orders page.

Step 4: Locate and Select the Order for Cancellation

Scroll down the page until you find the specific order that you wish to cancel from the “Your Recent Purchases” section. Select this particular item by clicking anywhere within its row, except for “View Details.”

Note: If it has been more than two hours since placing your order or if it has already been shipped, online self-cancellation may not be available anymore. In such cases, you’ll need to proceed to contact customer support for assistance.

Alternative Methods for Canceling an Order:

If online self-cancellation is no longer available or if you encounter any issues during this process, don’t worry! There are alternative methods for canceling orders on Takealot:

Method 1 – Contact Customer Support:

You can reach out directly to Takealot’s friendly customer support team via phone call at [insert contact number] or send them an email explaining why you want to cancel your order at [insert email address]. They’ll assist you with the cancellation process and provide any additional information you may need.

Method 2 – Live Chat:

Takealot also offers a live chat feature on their website. You can access this by clicking on the “Chat” icon located at the bottom right corner of any page. A customer support representative will be available to assist you with canceling your order and addressing any concerns or questions you may have.

Tips for a Smooth Cancellation Process:

  • Act Quickly: If you realize that you need to cancel an order, it’s best to do so as soon as possible before it gets processed or shipped.
  • Check Eligibility: Before attempting self-cancellation, make sure your order is still within the allowed time frame for cancellations (usually two hours after placing the order).
  • Be Prepared with Information: When contacting customer support, provide them with relevant details such as your name, email address used during purchase, and Order ID if available. This will help expedite the cancellation process.
  • Keep Track of Communication: Whether canceling online or through customer support channels like phone calls or emails, keep records of all interactions related to your cancellation request. This will serve as proof and reference if needed in the future.

By following these steps and tips provided above, you should be able to cancel an order on Takealot easily. If you encounter any difficulties or have further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to their customer support team for assistance. They are always ready to be proactive in helping you solve issues related to your specific situation.

Tips for a Smooth Cancellation Process:

  1. Act Quickly: Time is of the essence when it comes to cancelling an order on Takealot. If you’ve had a change of heart or realized you’ve made a mistake, don’t delay in initiating the cancellation process. The sooner you act, the more likely it is that your order hasn’t been processed or shipped yet, making cancellation easier.
  2. Check Eligibility: Before attempting to cancel your order, take a moment to review Takealot’s cancellation policy to ensure that your order is still eligible for cancellation. Orders that have already been dispatched or fulfilled by third-party sellers may not be eligible for cancellation through the online self-cancellation process.
  3. Be Prepared with Information: When contacting Takealot’s customer support team for assistance with cancelling your order, it’s helpful to have all relevant information readily available. This may include your name, email address associated with the order, order number, and any other pertinent details related to the purchase.
  4. Keep Track of Communication: Whether you’re cancelling your order online or reaching out to customer support for assistance, it’s essential to keep track of all communication regarding the cancellation process. This includes documenting emails, chat transcripts, or phone conversations. Having a record of your interactions can be valuable in case any issues arise later on.
  5. Consider Alternative Methods: If you encounter any difficulties with the online self-cancellation process or have specific questions about your order, don’t hesitate to explore alternative methods for cancelling your order. This may include contacting Takealot’s customer support via phone, email, or live chat for personalized assistance.
  6. Stay Informed: Keep an eye on your email inbox or Takealot account for updates regarding the status of your cancellation request. Takealot may provide confirmation of your cancellation or any further instructions that may be necessary to complete the process successfully.

By following these tips, you can help ensure a smooth and hassle-free cancellation process on Takealot. Whether you’re cancelling an order due to a change of plans or unforeseen circumstances, taking proactive steps can help alleviate any potential issues and ensure a positive experience with Takealot’s customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cancelling Takealot Orders

Here are some common questions that customers often have about cancelling orders on Takealot:

1. Can I cancel an order after it has been shipped?

Unfortunately, once an order has been shipped by Takealot, it cannot be cancelled. However, you still have the option to return the item for a refund or exchange through their returns process.

2. How long does it take to receive a refund after cancelling an order?

Takealot aims to process refunds within 7-10 business days from the date of cancellation. However, the actual time may vary depending on your bank’s processing times and the payment method used during checkout.

3. What happens if I cancel a pre-order on Takealot?

If you decide to cancel a pre-order before its release date, Takealot will issue a full refund back to your original payment method. It’s important to note that cancellations made after the release date might not be eligible for refunds as per Takealot’s terms and conditions.

4. Can I cancel an order if I used a voucher or gift card?

Yes, you can still request cancellation even if you used vouchers or gift cards towards your purchase. In such cases where partial payments were made using these methods, Takealot will credit those amounts back onto the respective vouchers/gift cards while issuing any applicable cash refunds separately.

5. Are there any fees associated with cancelling an order on Takealot?

As of now, no additional fees are charged specifically for cancelling orders on Takealot. However, it’s always a good idea to refer directly to their website’s Terms & Conditions section for specific policies related to cancellations and refunds.

These are just a few of the most frequently asked questions about cancelling orders on Takealot. If you have any other questions or concerns regarding the cancellation process, feel free to reach out to Takealot’s customer support team for assistance. They’ll be happy to provide further clarification and guidance to ensure a smooth experience.


Cancelling an order on Takealot can be a straightforward process if you understand the cancellation policy and follow the necessary steps outlined in this guide. Whether you’ve had a change of heart, encountered an issue with your order, or simply made a mistake, Takealot provides options for cancelling orders to ensure customer satisfaction.

It’s crucial to familiarize yourself with Takealot’s cancellation policy before attempting to cancel an order. By understanding the eligibility criteria and available methods for cancellation, you can make informed decisions and avoid any potential complications.

Remember to act quickly if you need to cancel an order and keep track of your communication with Takealot’s customer support team for reference. By following the tips and guidelines provided in this guide, you can navigate the cancellation process smoothly and efficiently.

If you have any further questions or require assistance with cancelling an order on Takealot, don’t hesitate to reach out to their customer support team. They’re dedicated to providing assistance and ensuring a positive customer experience.


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Please Note: The information provided in this blog post is based on publicly available sources and should serve as general guidance only. For more accurate details pertaining specifically to your order and circumstances, we recommend contacting Takealot directly through their customer support channels or referring to detailed information on their own website.

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