Stellenbosch Student Accommodation In South Africa | Complete Guide for New Students

Stellenbosch Student Accommodation Stellenbosch Student Accommodation


Welcome to the ultimate guide for students seeking accommodation in the vibrant town of Stellenbosch! Whether you’re a new student at Stellenbosch University or a returning student looking for a change, this comprehensive guide is designed to help you navigate the diverse options available and find the perfect place to call home during your academic journey.

Stellenbosch, affectionately known as Stellies, is not just a town; it’s a community built around its esteemed university, nestled in the heart of the picturesque Western Cape Winelands. With its rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, and bustling student life, Stellenbosch offers an unparalleled experience for students from all walks of life.

But before you dive into the excitement of student life, one crucial aspect to consider is finding suitable accommodation. Your choice of accommodation can significantly impact your overall university experience, influencing everything from your daily commute to campus to your social life and academic success.

In this guide, we’ll explore the main areas for student accommodation in Stellenbosch, delve into the factors to consider when choosing accommodation, discuss the various types of student housing available, examine the cost of living in Stellenbosch, and provide tips on when and where to start your accommodation search.

So, whether you’re dreaming of a cozy dorm room in a bustling student residence or envisioning an independent lifestyle in your own apartment or townhouse, let’s embark on this journey together and find the perfect home away from home in Stellenbosch. Let’s get started!

Main Areas for Student Accommodation in Stellenbosch

Stellenbosch, with its quaint streets and bustling student life, offers a variety of neighborhoods and areas for student accommodation. Each area has its own unique charm, amenities, and proximity to campus, making it essential to explore your options thoroughly before making a decision.

1. Victoria Street and Merriman Avenue

Located closest to campus, Victoria Street and Merriman Avenue are prime areas for student accommodation. Here, you’ll find a mix of student residences, digs, and apartments, providing easy access to academic buildings and campus facilities. The vibrant atmosphere and proximity to campus make this area ideal for students who prefer a lively environment.

2. Church Street and Dorp Street

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in Stellenbosch’s student nightlife, Church Street and Dorp Street are the places to be. These streets are bustling with activity, lined with restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues. While predominantly known for apartments, this area offers a vibrant social scene and convenient access to nightlife hotspots.

3. Banghoek Road and Cluver Road

Just minutes away from campus, Banghoek Road and Cluver Road are home to a range of private residences and digs. Here, you’ll find a mix of accommodation options, from shared houses to individual rooms, catering to diverse student preferences. The close proximity to campus and affordable housing options make this area popular among students.

4. Andringa Street and Bird Street

Hugging the bustling Eikestad Mall, Andringa Street and Bird Street are lined with large apartment blocks, offering modern living spaces for students. With convenient access to shopping, dining, and entertainment options, this area provides a perfect balance between academic and social life. Students residing here enjoy the convenience of having everything within walking distance.

5. Surrounding Suburbs

Die Boord, Krigeville, Dennesig, La Colline, and Cloetesville are suburban areas just outside the town center of Stellenbosch. While predominantly residential, these suburbs offer a mix of apartments, digs, and townhouses, providing quieter living options away from the hustle and bustle of the town center. Although slightly removed from campus, these suburbs offer a peaceful retreat with easy access to essential amenities.

Choosing the right area for your student accommodation is crucial for your overall university experience. Consider factors such as proximity to campus, transportation options, safety, amenities, and budget when exploring your options in Stellenbosch.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Student Accommodation

Choosing the right student accommodation is a significant decision that can greatly impact your university experience. To ensure you find the perfect place to call home in Stellenbosch, consider the following factors:

1. Proximity to Campus

Walking Distance: Consider the distance between your accommodation and campus. Opting for accommodation within walking distance can save you time and money on transportation, allowing for a more convenient commute to classes and campus facilities. Additionally, being closer to campus enhances your accessibility to academic resources and extracurricular activities.

Transportation Options: If walking to campus isn’t feasible, explore alternative transportation options such as cycling or public transportation. Evaluate the availability and reliability of these options to ensure a smooth commute to and from campus.

2. Type of Accommodation

Student Residences: Stellenbosch University offers student residences managed by the university. These residences provide a supportive community environment with organized events and amenities. Consider applying for a residence that aligns with your preferences and lifestyle.

Private Residences: Private residences offer more independence and flexibility compared to university-managed options. Explore privately managed residences, digs, apartments, and townhouses to find accommodation that suits your preferences and budget.

Digs: Digs, or shared houses, are a popular option for students seeking a communal living experience. Consider factors such as house size, amenities, and housemates when exploring dig options in Stellenbosch.

Apartments and Townhouses: If you prefer independent living, consider renting an apartment or townhouse. Evaluate factors such as lease terms, amenities, and proximity to campus when selecting accommodation in these categories.

3. Safety

Campus Security: Prioritize safety by choosing accommodation located in areas with campus security measures in place. Explore student residences and neighborhoods with a strong sense of community and safety.

Crime Rates: Research the safety levels of different areas in Stellenbosch, taking into account factors such as crime rates and security measures. Prioritize neighborhoods with lower crime rates and a reputation for safety.

4. Shopping and Amenities

Grocery Stores: Choose accommodation located within walking distance of grocery stores and essential amenities. Easy access to shopping facilities simplifies daily tasks such as grocery shopping and errands.

Dining Options: Consider proximity to dining options and eateries, especially if you prefer dining out or grabbing meals on campus. Explore neighborhoods with diverse dining options to cater to your culinary preferences.

5. Budget

Rental Costs: Evaluate rental costs and budgetary constraints when choosing student accommodation. Compare rental prices across different accommodation types and areas to find options that align with your budget.

Additional Expenses: Consider additional expenses such as utilities, parking fees, and amenities when calculating the total cost of accommodation. Factor in these expenses to ensure your accommodation choice remains within your budgetary limits.

By carefully considering these factors, you can make an informed decision when choosing student accommodation in Stellenbosch. Take the time to explore your options and prioritize aspects that align with your preferences, lifestyle, and budget.

Types of Stellenbosch Student Accommodation

When it comes to finding student accommodation in Stellenbosch, students have a variety of options to choose from. Whether you prefer the convenience of university-managed residences or the independence of private housing, there’s something to suit every preference and budget. Let’s explore the different types of student accommodation available:

1. Student Residences

Description: Stellenbosch University offers a range of student residences managed by the university. These residences provide accommodation for students in a communal living environment, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among residents.

Types: Student residences include female, male, and co-ed options, catering to diverse student preferences. Each residence has its own unique traditions, culture, and community, offering residents plenty of opportunities for social interaction and involvement.

Amenities: Student residences typically offer shared dorm rooms, communal spaces, and facilities such as study areas, common rooms, and laundry facilities. Many residences also organize social events, sports activities, and leadership opportunities for residents.

2. Private Residences

Description: Private residences in Stellenbosch offer students more independence and flexibility compared to university-managed options. These residences are typically managed by private companies or landlords, providing a range of accommodation options tailored to student needs.

Types: Private residences encompass a variety of housing options, including apartments, townhouses, and shared houses (digs). Students can choose between shared or individual rooms, depending on their preferences and budget.

Amenities: Private residences often come equipped with amenities such as WiFi, parking, cleaning services, and communal areas. Residents may also have access to additional facilities such as gyms, swimming pools, and entertainment areas, depending on the residence.

3. Digs

Description: Digs, also known as shared houses, are a popular accommodation option among students in Stellenbosch. Digs typically consist of a large house shared by multiple students, each occupying individual rooms within the house.

Types: Digs vary in size and layout, ranging from smaller houses with a few residents to larger properties accommodating up to 25 students or more. Some digs may offer additional amenities such as WiFi, cleaning services, and communal areas for socializing.

Amenities: Digs often include shared facilities such as kitchens, bathrooms, and living areas, providing residents with a communal living experience. Residents may also benefit from shared expenses and responsibilities, making digs an affordable option for students.

4. Apartments and Townhouses

Description: Apartments and townhouses offer students the opportunity for independent living in Stellenbosch. These housing options provide residents with their own private living space, complete with kitchen facilities and bathroom amenities.

Types: Apartments and townhouses come in various sizes and configurations, ranging from bachelor flats to multi-bedroom units. Residents can choose between furnished or unfurnished options, depending on their preferences and budget.

Amenities: Apartments and townhouses typically include amenities such as WiFi, security services, and parking facilities. Some complexes may also offer additional amenities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, and communal areas for residents to enjoy.

Whether you’re seeking the camaraderie of a student residence, the independence of a private apartment, or the social atmosphere of a shared house, Stellenbosch offers a diverse range of accommodation options to suit every student’s needs and preferences.

Student Accommodation Cost in Stellenbosch

Understanding the cost of student accommodation is essential for budget-conscious students planning their stay in Stellenbosch. The cost of accommodation can vary depending on factors such as the type of housing, location, amenities, and rental terms. Let’s delve into the details of student accommodation costs in Stellenbosch:

Average Rental Costs

Weekly and Monthly Rates: The average weekly rental cost for student accommodation in Stellenbosch ranges from R1,500 to R2,000 per week. This translates to an average monthly rental price of between R5,000 and R8,000. However, rental prices can vary significantly depending on factors such as the type of accommodation and its proximity to campus.

Type of Accommodation: The type of accommodation you choose will greatly influence the rental cost. Student residences managed by Stellenbosch University tend to be more affordable compared to private apartments or townhouses. Shared accommodation options, such as digs, may offer lower rental rates compared to individual apartments.

Location: The location of the accommodation also plays a significant role in determining rental costs. Accommodation situated closer to campus or in popular student areas may command higher rental prices due to increased demand and convenience. Suburban areas outside of the town center may offer more affordable rental options for students on a budget.

Additional Expenses

Utilities: In addition to rental costs, students should budget for utilities such as electricity, water, and internet services. While some accommodations may include utilities in the rental price, others may require tenants to cover these expenses separately. Be sure to inquire about utility costs and factor them into your budgeting calculations.

Parking: If you plan to bring a vehicle to Stellenbosch, consider the cost of parking when choosing accommodation. Some residences and apartment complexes may offer on-site parking facilities for an additional fee, while street parking may be available in certain areas.

Amenities: Accommodations with additional amenities such as WiFi, cleaning services, and recreational facilities may have higher rental costs compared to basic housing options. Evaluate the amenities offered by each accommodation and determine whether they align with your preferences and budget.

Financial Assistance

NSFAS: The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) provides financial assistance to eligible university students, including support for accommodation expenses. Students receiving NSFAS funding may be able to use it towards private accommodation costs, provided that the accommodation is NSFAS-accredited.

Scholarships and Bursaries: Students may also explore scholarships, bursaries, and grants offered by Stellenbosch University or external organizations to help cover accommodation expenses. Be sure to research and apply for relevant financial aid opportunities to alleviate the financial burden of accommodation costs.


Navigating the cost of student accommodation in Stellenbosch requires careful consideration of various factors, including rental prices, additional expenses, and available financial assistance. By understanding the cost landscape and planning accordingly, students can make informed decisions and find accommodation that meets their needs and budget constraints.

When and Where to Start Looking for Student Accommodation in Stellenbosch

Securing suitable student accommodation in Stellenbosch requires careful planning and proactive action. With high demand and limited availability, it’s essential to start your search early and explore various avenues to find the perfect place to live. Here’s a comprehensive guide on when and where to start looking for student accommodation in Stellenbosch:

1. Timing

Early Planning: Begin your search for student accommodation well in advance to increase your chances of finding suitable options. Start exploring accommodation options at least six months before the start of the academic year to avoid last-minute rushes and ensure availability.

July/August: July and August are prime months for students to start looking for accommodation for the following academic year. Many students begin to finalize their living arrangements during this period, so it’s essential to start your search early to secure desirable accommodation options.

2. Where to Look

University Resources: Stellenbosch University provides valuable resources and assistance for students seeking accommodation. Explore university-managed accommodation options, such as student residences, and inquire about the application process and availability.

Online Platforms: Utilize online platforms and websites dedicated to student accommodation in Stellenbosch. Websites like Student Life and Stellies Student Stay offer a wide range of private residences and accommodation listings tailored to student needs.

Social Media: Join relevant Facebook groups and communities focused on student accommodation in Stellenbosch. Groups such as Stellenbosch Accommodation and Student Accommodation Stellenbosch often feature listings from landlords and students seeking roommates.

Real Estate Agencies: Engage with local real estate agencies and property management firms specializing in student accommodation. Platforms like Private Property and Property24 may feature listings for apartments, townhouses, and shared houses suitable for students.

Instagram: Explore social media platforms like Instagram for accommodation leads and recommendations. Follow accounts like @sujustkidding, which serve as hubs for student life in Stellenbosch and may feature accommodation listings and referrals.

3. What to Look For

Location: Consider the proximity of accommodation options to campus, amenities, and public transportation. Choose a location that offers convenience and accessibility to essential services and facilities.

Amenities: Assess the amenities offered by different accommodation options, including WiFi, parking, laundry facilities, and communal spaces. Determine which amenities are essential for your lifestyle and prioritize accordingly.

Budget: Establish a budget for accommodation expenses and consider rental costs, utilities, and additional fees. Compare rental prices across different options and ensure that your chosen accommodation aligns with your budgetary constraints.

Roommates: If considering shared accommodation, take the time to meet potential roommates and assess compatibility. Establish clear communication and expectations regarding rent, chores, and house rules to foster a harmonious living environment.

By starting your search early, exploring various channels, and carefully evaluating your options, you can find the ideal student accommodation in Stellenbosch that meets your needs and enhances your university experience.


Finding the perfect student accommodation in Stellenbosch is a crucial step in your university journey. By following the guidance provided in this comprehensive guide, you can navigate the process with confidence and find accommodation that meets your needs, preferences, and budget.

From exploring the main areas for student accommodation to considering essential factors such as proximity to campus, transportation, safety, and budget, you now have a solid understanding of what to look for when searching for housing in Stellenbosch.

Remember to start your search early, leverage various resources and platforms, and carefully evaluate each accommodation option based on location, amenities, and affordability. Whether you opt for university-managed residences, private housing, digs, or apartments, there’s a diverse range of options available to suit every student’s lifestyle and preferences.

By prioritizing factors such as convenience, safety, and affordability, you can secure accommodation that enhances your university experience and provides a comfortable living environment throughout your academic journey in Stellenbosch.

Take proactive steps, stay organized, and don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance or advice from university resources, online platforms, and social networks. With careful planning and informed decision-making, you’ll soon find yourself settled into the perfect home away from home in Stellenbosch.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How early should I start looking for student accommodation in Stellenbosch?

  • It’s recommended to start your search at least six months before the start of the academic year to ensure you have enough time to explore options and secure desirable accommodation.

2. What factors should I consider when choosing student accommodation?

  • Important factors to consider include proximity to campus, transportation options, safety, amenities, budget, and the type of accommodation that best suits your preferences and lifestyle.

3. Are there any resources available to help me find student accommodation?

  • Yes, several resources can assist you in your search, including university-managed accommodation services, online platforms such as Student Life and Stellies Student Stay, social media groups, real estate agencies, and local property listings.

4. What are the average rental costs for student accommodation in Stellenbosch?

  • Rental costs vary depending on the type of accommodation, location, and amenities provided. On average, weekly rental prices range from R1,500 to R2,000, with monthly rental rates typically between R5,000 and R8,000.

5. Can I apply for financial assistance to cover accommodation expenses?

  • Yes, students may be eligible for financial assistance through programs such as the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) and scholarships offered by the university or external organizations. Be sure to explore available options and apply accordingly.

6. How can I ensure a smooth roommate experience in shared accommodation?

  • Communication is key when living with roommates. Establish clear expectations regarding rent, chores, and house rules from the outset. Respect each other’s space and privacy, and address any issues or concerns openly and constructively.

7. Is it possible to find last-minute accommodation in Stellenbosch?

  • While it’s not ideal, last-minute accommodation options may still be available, especially through social media platforms and online listings. However, it’s advisable to start your search early to have the widest range of choices.

8. What should I do if I encounter difficulties during my accommodation search?

  • If you encounter challenges or difficulties during your search, don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance. University accommodation services, student support centers, and online communities can provide guidance, advice, and resources to help you find suitable accommodation.

9. Can I tour potential accommodation options before making a decision?

  • Yes, if possible, it’s advisable to schedule tours or viewings of potential accommodation options to assess the facilities, amenities, and overall suitability. This allows you to make an informed decision based on firsthand experience.

10. What should I do if I have specific accommodation preferences or requirements?

  • If you have specific preferences or requirements regarding accommodation, such as accessibility features or dietary restrictions, be sure to communicate these to accommodation providers or landlords. They may be able to accommodate your needs or offer suitable alternatives.

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Remember that finding the right accommodation is an essential part of your academic journey, and it’s worth investing time and effort into researching and exploring your options. Whether you choose university-managed residences, private housing, digs, or apartments, prioritize factors such as safety, convenience, and affordability.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to university resources, online platforms, or social networks for support. By taking proactive steps and staying organized, you can navigate the accommodation search process with confidence and find a place to call home in Stellenbosch.

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